Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy with our thorough transmission diagnostic services. It’s never been easier to keep your gearbox and transmission in top condition than by calling in eastside automatics Services.

A failing gearbox can be a potential disaster, stranding you and your vehicle at the side of the road, facing a bill that no one plans for – but the next call you make could save you a lot of money. Why not phone eastside automatics  – the automatic gearbox specialists.

Automatic gearboxes include high precision components that need to be stripped and rebuilt to the most accurate tolerances. So don’t trust any random mechanic or your repair could turn out to be short-lived. We have the latest diagnostic and scanning equipment that enables us to find  specific problems, and we insist on the highest standards of components when replacing and rebuilding any automatic gearbox.

If you know something is wrong with your transmission, the causes can be numerous. A simple lack of transmission fluid level can leave important parts unprotected by lubricant and allow internal components to warp and gaskets or seals to fail. Modern transmissions also contain a number of electronic modules and controls that could fail and cause transmission problems.

some transmission fixes can be quite inexpensive, while others may end up costing more than the value of the car itself. Transmission repair costs can easily range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. That’s one good reason to have your transmission inspected  by our qualified mechanic .our experts at eastside automatics are highly skilled and can get you behind the wheels in no time, ensuring the best quality work at competitive prices.